Power of Insights – Episode 4. You are not broken and you don’t need to be fixed.

In this episode: Jenny Schmal is sharing with us her remarkable and compelling story of struggle and love. We will look into what it means to create from a place of heart and what it takes to stay authentic in today’s world. You are not broken and you don’t need to be fixed. Jenny doesn’t work to change people, she works to change the beliefs.

Meet Jenny Schmal – Coach & Author of “Rejener8 – 8 Steps to Joy” What is blocking your Joy? It is in the moments where we are down to nothing.. We can rebirth recall rebuild reframe redefine reshape and Rejener8…. The ability to grow strong again and rejoice – an expression of Self- Love … 

This is how she describes her work:

“A Fast-Track Reset process to address the cause – the separation from who you are. You are not broken and you don’t need to be fixed. You are perfect, but somewhere, sometime, you have assumed beliefs that you have to change or improve in order to achieve whatever you desire in life. We don’t work to change you, we work to change the beliefs. Each belief you have assumed has taken you further from loving yourself, and, therefore, further from what you want to achieve. The road back to self-love is fast; that’s why I call it Reset Coaching. Why resign yourself to months of painfully slow change, when you already know the route back to you? Since you know the route, I am simply the facilitator, the guide to your journey. The Principles of Returning to Self-Love apply to all aspects of my work”

Get in touch with Jenny

Here is an introduction to her book .. https://tinyurl.com/ybsntywb
Connect with Jenny at www.rejener8.com

by Oleg Caraus

My name is Oleg Caraus and I have dedicated my life to serving people with love, honesty, respect, and understanding. I love the experience of being with another person in the space of created trust, commitment, and vision. I was born in Moldova. Used to live on one euro a day when I was a teenager.


  1. Thank you. I have not seen Jenny in many years but this touched me deeply. It came at a time I really needed to hear it.

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