What are you taking a stand for?

The simplest way to know that one is heading in the right direction is to notice the way you treat yourself and people around you, even the ones who you don’t like. Over the years we have learned how to dislike each other and to find differences between us, we have fought to win despite the truth and we have created walls to keep the ego safe.

Now is the time for forgiveness. Firstly we have to forgive ourselves and let the warmth radiate from our hearts and expand in the world. Secondly, allow yourself to feel the pain without running away. And listen to people with an open mind without making meaning of something, without a story or personal philosophy.

Allow anger to be expressed without blame or violence, but with inclusion and understanding. 

Give yourself a chance to be free, let the presence of freedom guide you. The mistakes done already become lessons, not the truth. The past will not determine the future, it doesn’t have the power to do so, unless we keep feeding the insecurity and fear.  

by Oleg Caraus

My name is Oleg Caraus and I have dedicated my life to serving people with love, honesty, respect, and understanding. I love the experience of being with another person in the space of created trust, commitment, and vision. I was born in Moldova. Used to live on one euro a day when I was a teenager.

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