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About Me

My name is Oleg Caraus and I have dedicated my life to serving people with love, honesty, respect, and understanding. I love the experience of being with another person in the space of created trust, commitment, and vision. I was born in Moldova. Used to live on one euro a day when I was a teenager. I have dropped out of University to travel abroad to find happiness.

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Why Coaching With Oleg Caraus?


Embrace Yourself and Who You Are

Clear Mind

Slow Down to Have the Results you Desire


Take Action dispite your Fear


Create the Life you Deserve

My Clients' Achievements

"I feel that my mind is much healthier than it was a year ago, when I first met you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me see a different way of living – for me there is nothing more important in life than a feeling of contentment from seeing the beauty in life. ~Brenda"

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