‘Be yourself’

What if the person has a negative projection on what they are? 

What if the person is associating with all disempowering emotions? Lives in a world of comparison, where one is never enough, despite the social status or wealth, yet feeling like something is always missing. 

The reality is you can live and die without knowing that you are beautiful, loving and a powerful creator. If you have an inkling that the mind is focused more on the past or on what is missing, then please just stop and ask yourself: 

“Is what I believe about myself completely true”? 

Slow down enough and be at peace with everything, until you have an answer, which feels in alignment. 

One caveat: “The mind will start jumping up and down, because it wants to protect you from raw feelings, thinking you are not resilient to handle it”. 

Love without a story, size, weight or shape allows, forgives and discovers a new truth about you, that will make your heart sing – create from that place.  

Bad people don’t exist if we take the conditioning and triggers away, which we pick up innocently. In the absence of pleasing everyone or constantly proving ourselves to others, there is peace and love. 

I truly believe that each person can live an abundant and peaceful life and at the same time be productive, powerful and create a life, to dream for. 

Yes, we live during challenging times and accidents are happening all the time, yet again, allowing the past or circumstances to take control of one’s life is not helpful to anybody. 

Only by noticing or identifying the blindspots which keep one stuck and shift the attention to what you desire is a great start.

What will be like if you wake up each day with a smile on your face and look forward to a wonderful experience of being alive?

by Oleg Caraus

My name is Oleg Caraus and I have dedicated my life to serving people with love, honesty, respect, and understanding. I love the experience of being with another person in the space of created trust, commitment, and vision. I was born in Moldova. Used to live on one euro a day when I was a teenager.

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