Power of insights -15. Instead of reacting ask questions.

In this episode, Gill is sharing with us how an agile framework can improve the company’s performance.  We discussed how a parent can build a better relationship with children.  The importance of interacting by asking questions and listening instead of reacting. This episode is full of stories and insights. Enjoy

Gill Baronetti Relationship, Leadership, Agile Coach, Facilitator & Trainer

After many years in the business world, I’ve come to realise that it’s never a person’s level of education, qualification or technical skill that determines their success. It’s their ability to understand, engage and connect with the people in their orbit that helps them flourish in both their personal and professional lives.  There’s very little we can do without some form of exchange with others and a relationship gone sour has turned many a positive and productive engagement on its head.

Currently, I work with people – leaders, team members, students, parents, teachers and partners – to help them understand the people in their lives better, embrace diversity, have the tough conversations, set boundaries, bridge the divide where there is conflict and engage more meaningfully and mindfully to ultimately improve the quality of their personal lives and careers, and to unlock the huge potential that lies in having healthy relationships. 

Gill specialties include:

  • Working with newbies in organisations to help them hit the ground running
  • Helping teams and leaders transform to a more Lean / Agile way of working
  • Coaching engagements to help people discover and express the best version of themselves 
  • Transforming relationships for greater impact
  • Diversity & relationship-building workshops 
  • Team-building and conflict management training


Linked-in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gill-baronetti-5182a88/ 

by Oleg Caraus

My name is Oleg Caraus and I have dedicated my life to serving people with love, honesty, respect, and understanding. I love the experience of being with another person in the space of created trust, commitment, and vision. I was born in Moldova. Used to live on one euro a day when I was a teenager.

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